RG by Robert Geissini - The new fashion label of the fashion brand "Roberto Geissini"

With the "RG" fashion label Robert Geiss (the patron of the fashion brand Roberto Geissini) has given his name initials a much higher meaning.

The new collection features his personal fashion favorites.

The initials "RG" stand for Robert Geiss personally

"RG by Roberto Geissini" stands for a new fashion that combines glamorous designs into a sporty-luxurious, youthful-casual style with a true attention to detail.

The new fashion design uses several style influences and combines them harmoniously in a new look with the special Robert Geiss link.


New collection - RG by Robert Geissini

The newly created fresh style mix of RG has been cleverly put together by Robert Geiss through his years of experience in the fashion industry.

The style mix has inspired the creation for a whole new collection including a new fashion label.

The meaning of "RG" was personally influenced by Robert Geiss and therefore give the new fashion label the appropriate description.


RG fashion design combines several styles

With the following styles our RG by Robert Geiss collection was created.

- Luxurious

- Youthful

- Sporty

- Casual

- Casual

- High Class

- Elegant

The new RG fashion label thus combines several fashion styles and combines here with the current fashion trends of the age.

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