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Roberto Geissini, the deluxe fashion label of the "Geissens"

Robert Geiss known from the TV series "The Geisses" is the founder of "Roberto Geissini". As already known from the TV show "The Geisses" - A terribly glamorous family, Robert Geiss presents together with his wife Carmen Geiss and their two daughters Davina Geiss and Shania Geiss his fashion label Roberto Geissini. The Geiss family embodies pure style and luxury, and when it comes to fashion, they are always absolutely the trend ahead.

Fashion for ladies like "Carmen".

Our women's clothing is exciting, thrilling and changeable. Anyone who knows Carmen Geiss - knows about her modern closet full of it-pieces. From casual to elegant, everything is possible with our fashion for women! With different fits and put style, high wearing comfort and glamour factor in the center of your everyday life. center of your everyday life. Especially the combination of t-shirt and leather jacket make the outfit quite "Carmen" like! We create spectacular outfits for sophisticated women - inspired by Carmen Geiss.

Davina and Shania teen fashion

Davina Shakira Geiss and Shania Tyra Geiss are the two adorable daughters of Robert and Carmen Geiss. Since their childhood, the two girls have lived in the spotlight of the family reality show Die Geisses* At that time, the children's clothing was created very much inspired by the two daughters. In the meantime, Davina Geiss and Shania Geiss have grown into two beautiful, youthful personalities. and wear - as already known from the TV hit "The Geisses", today with preference all kinds of styles such as dresses and swimsuits from their own fashion label.

Pimp up your life like „Robert"

Roberto Geissini makes menswear fashion history and redefines "comfort zone". He creates authentic and glamorous looks with feel-good guarantee! Mix of elaborately crafted skull prints on hoodies, leather patches, rivets, rhinestones and cutting-edge destroyed effects on many pants, gives your outfit an unmistakable charm. For strong men, visionaries and underdogs.

Accessories - Define your ultimate look here!

Add a glamorous finish to your outfit with our exclusive accessories. Perfectly coordinated with the looks of our collection, our stylish watches, handbags and caps will make an unmistakable fashion statement. Whether opulent, discreet or provocatively luxurious - our must-haves are the visual highlight and upgrade for your outfit. for your outfit. Taking caps as an example, you can often see Shania Geiss wearing one of the stylish caps with a slogan.

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